How to Convert an IP to an Email Address (3 Steps)

By Terrance Karter

Use your smarts, and some investigation, to convert an IP address to an email.
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Once you have the IP of someone's computer or of a website, you can find information about what company is running the website, or where it is based. Finding out the email address of the website can be a bit more difficult, especially if the IP address is the only thing you have to go on. However, with a little investigative work, or the aid of some programs, you can convert an IP address to an email address.

Step 1

Choose an online IP lookup and plug the IP address you've found into it. There are lots of online IP address lookups, including My IP Address, IP AddressLookup and IPGP (see Resources).

Step 2

Read through the results the IP lookup found. In most cases, the IP lookup will find the address and telephone number of the Internet service provider (ISP) that set up the webpage. Sometimes there will be email addresses of the ISP. If you are looking to convert the IP into an email for the ISP, you have found what you are looking for, or you can do a computer search on the information to find an email. If you are looking for the email of the site, you still have work to do.

Step 3

Take the information you found about the ISP and call them or email them. Explain to them why you want the email address associated with the IP address you've found. If the email address is public, the ISP might give it to you. Or, they might give you the name of the business so you can search for the email address on your own.