How to Convert an IMG File to AVI

By J.S. Copper

i Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Backing up your DVD collection to digital IMG image files is a great way to preserve the entire DVD, but it doesn't make your movies any more portable. Converting the image files to a movie file allows you to play the file back in standard video player applications as well as drastically reducing the file size. Converting these files is fairly simple with a free, cross-platform utility.

Step 1

Download and install Handbrake version 0.7. Handbrake is a free, cross-platform video conversion utility.

Step 2

Launch Handbrake. Select "Source" from the navigation toolbar and select your IMG file.

Step 3

Select "Toggle Presets" and select one of the pre-configured video output options.

Step 4

Choose a name and select a destination to save the file to in the main window.

Step 5

Select "AVI" from the "Format" drop down menu. There are additional options you can set within the main window, but it is best to leave these at the default unless you know what you are changing and adjusting. Refer to Handbrake's help files for more information regarding these advanced settings.

Step 6

Select "Start" from the navigation toolbar. Handbrake will begin the process of extracting the movie from the IMG and converting it to an AVI movie file. Once completed, exit Handbrake.