How to Convert an Image to be Transparent

By Foye Robinson

Convert an Image to be Transparent
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Transparency allows you to place images seamlessly on any background. It can save you time if you're adding an oddly shaped logo to your company brochure or website. You can use an image editor, such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Fireworks, to convert an image into a transparent one. It's important to save images in the correct format to preserve the transparency. A JPEG format removes an image's transparency, while a GIF or PNG format preserves it.

Click "File" and "Open" from the menu and double-click the image you want to convert.

Go to the "Layers" palette and drag the layer containing the opaque image into the "Create a new layer" icon to duplicate it.

Pick the "Magic Wand" tool from the toolbox. Go to the "Magic Wand" properties or options bar and enter a tolerance level that works for your image.

Click the areas of the image you want to make transparent and press the "Delete" key to remove those areas.

Click "File" and "Save As" from the menu. The "Save As" dialog box will open.

Change the "Format" option (in Photoshop) or "Save as type" option (in Paint Shop Pro and Fireworks) to "GIF" and click "Save."