How to Convert IFO files to WMV

by Alexis Lawrence

IFO files are the files that make up DVDs. IFOs consist of a movie or TV show, plus any title files, menu files or movie previews that appear on the DVD. IFO files can be burned onto another disc or played on your computer. If you would like to use an IFO file in any other program, or transfer the IFO file to an MP3 player or other video device, you will need to convert it to a file type that works in these programs, such as WMV.

Download DVDx. DVDx is a free video conversion software that converts DVD IFO files to several different formats, including WMV (see Resources). Follow the prompts to install DVDx onto your computer.

Open the IFO file. "Open IFO" is available under the "File" menu. Browse for the IFO file you want to convert and select it.

Adjust the input settings. "Input settings" is available under the "Settings" menu and also appears as a film reel on the menu below the DVDx screen. Select the frame rate for the file. Most movie files are 23.97, and many TV files are 29.97. Click "OK." If for some reason you select the wrong frame rate, DVDx will try to automatically correct the selection for you.

Adjust the output settings. "Output settings" is available under the "Settings" menu and also appears as a film strip on the menu below the screen. When the "Output Settings" window comes up, there will be a button labeled "Whole" next to "Max Frame." Click the button to adjust the frames. If you do not adjust this setting, the file will not convert properly. Click "Apply" and the "Output Settings" window will close automatically.

Click to encode. The encode button is on the far right beneath the DVDx screen. It is marked with a red circle. The encoding progress will be tracked on the screen and a popup will inform you when the file conversion is complete.

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