How to Convert HTML to WMV

By Mitchell White

Convert HTML to WMV
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The acronym "HTML" is short for "Hypertext markup language." It refers to the language used on Web pages. If you're watching a video on a webpage that you want to save on your computer in a format you can watch in Windows Media Player, you'll need to use some software or an online website that allows you to capture and convert the video on the site into WMV.

Download and install YouTube Downloader (see Resources.) This program is free to use. It automatically pastes any website address you input into the program. It lets you convert the webpage into the WMV format for download. The downside is that it only works for YouTube.

Try ConvertFiles (see Resources). This website generates a link that you can click to download a WMV file to your computer on the side of the Web page. It's free to use.

Use Zamzar (see Resources). Zazmar uses your email address to send you a WMV file version of the video playing on the website