How to Convert to Halftone in Corel DRAW

By Michael Butler

Halftone images use a special screen to make an image consisting of various sizes of dots. This simulates shades of gray in a photograph. Newspapers and magazines use halftones to save on printing costs. You can convert an image to halftone with CorelDRAW.

Step 1

Open CorelDRAW and open the image you wish to convert.

Step 2

Click "Bitmap" followed by "Convert to Bitmap." A menu will pop up. Select "96 dpi" for the resolution and "Grayscale" for the color. Check that "Transparent Background" is on. Click "OK."

Step 3

Click "Effects," then "Adjust." Adjust the contrast of the image to between 30 and 45. Click "Brightness/Contrast/Intensity."

Step 4

Click "Bitmap," "Color Transform," then "Halftone." You will see two versions of the image, the original and the halftone.

Step 5

Click "Preview." Use the "Max Dot Radius" slider to adjust the halftone effect as desired. Click "Preview" every time you adjust the slider.

Step 6

Click "Bitmap" and "Convert to Bitmap" again. Change the color of the image to 24 bit. You can now add color to the image.

Click "Save" when you are done editing the image.