How to Convert to Halftone in Corel DRAW

By Michael Butler

Halftone images use a special screen to make an image consisting of various sizes of dots. This simulates shades of gray in a photograph. Newspapers and magazines use halftones to save on printing costs. You can convert an image to halftone with CorelDRAW.

Step 1

Open CorelDRAW and open the image you wish to convert.

Step 2

Click "Bitmap" followed by "Convert to Bitmap." A menu will pop up. Select "96 dpi" for the resolution and "Grayscale" for the color. Check that "Transparent Background" is on. Click "OK."

Step 3

Click "Effects," then "Adjust." Adjust the contrast of the image to between 30 and 45. Click "Brightness/Contrast/Intensity."

Step 4

Click "Bitmap," "Color Transform," then "Halftone." You will see two versions of the image, the original and the halftone.

Step 5

Click "Preview." Use the "Max Dot Radius" slider to adjust the halftone effect as desired. Click "Preview" every time you adjust the slider.

Step 6

Click "Bitmap" and "Convert to Bitmap" again. Change the color of the image to 24 bit. You can now add color to the image.

Step 7

Click "Save" when you are done editing the image.