How to Convert 3GP to MP4

by Alexis Lawrence

3GP files are widely used in 3G cell phones. When a phone captures a video clip, that clip is automatically saved as the 3GP file type. Not all programs and devices have the capability to read the 3GP file type, so if you would like to transfer a 3GP file to a device that can't read the file extension, like an MP3 player, you can first convert the file to MP4. MP4 files are recognized in nearly all types of MP3 player.

Use Media-Convert's online converter. There are numerous online conversion sites, but Media-Convert converts more file types than any other converter, including 3GP.

Upload the 3GP video that you want to convert to the Media-Convert converter. The file to upload a file will say "Browse" in most internet browsers. In some browsers, the button may say "Open file." The "Browse" or "Open file" button will open a search window. In the search window, locate the 3GP file you would like to convert. When you click "Open," the 3GP file will pull into the Media-Convert online converter.

Choose 3GP as your input file type. To select the file type, use the pull-down list next to "Input format." It is likely that Media-Convert will detect the file type automatically and fill it in for you, but if it doesn't, you can select "3GP/3G2 Video" from the "Input format" list.

Select MP4 as the "Output format" for your conversion. There are two separate MP4 options in the "Output format" list. One options if for a Playstation. The other is an iPod/iPhone option. Select the option for iPod/iPhone if you will be using the file on a portable device like an MP3 player.

Convert the 3GP file to MP4. To begin the conversion, click the "OK" button. A box will come up to show the percentage complete. When the conversion is done, you will be directed to a screen that contains a link for downloading your converted MP4 file. Click on the link to download the file to your computer.


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