How to Convert a GIF to PowerPoint

by Ellis Davidson
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Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) images are a standard format for posting graphics on a website. Images pulled from a website that were originally saved in GIF format will retain this format when they are saved to your hard drive. Create PowerPoint slides from a GIF image by pasting it into a PowerPoint slide.

Step 1

Save the GIF image to your local hard drive.

Step 2

Double-click on the GIF image to open it in your default graphics application.

Step 3

Select the entire GIF image and copy it to the clipboard.

Step 4

Open the PowerPoint file in which you want to save the GIF image; create a new slide if necessary.

Paste the GIF image into the PowerPoint slide, resizing if necessary.


  • GIF images can be static or animated. This technique will only capture the first or last frame of an animated GIF image, depending upon which software is used to open the GIF image. To make multiple slides from an animated GIF, open it in a graphics editor, which will show you every frame of the animation. Repeat these steps for each frame. See references for links to animated GIF editors for Windows and Macintosh.

Items you will need

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

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