How to Convert Garmin Maps to NAVTEQ

by Teri Stryker
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GPS devices show the user the road direction by showing the maps of different places. As days go by, the roads and transportation systems change. So updating GPS maps regularly is necessary to get the full advantage of GPS devices. Many people customize the GPS maps in their own preferred ways. Often it happens that when people buy a new GPS device, they need to transfer files from the older GPS device to the new device. This is because the new GPS device is not updated all the time. If the two devices have different map formats, the files need to be converted.

Step 1

Download and install Garmin Maps to NAVTEQ Converter. Download the converter from the Garmin utility application center.

Step 2

Attach the GPS device to the computer with a USB connector.

Step 3

Open the Garmin maps to NAVTEQ converter. Find the menu on the upper left side of the converter window. Click "Open" to load the Garmin maps to be converted.

Step 4

Select "NAVTEQ" as the "output format." Select the output format from the right corner of the converter window.

Step 5

Press "Apply convert" to convert Garmin map files to NAVTEQ format. Save the newly formatted data into the computer hard drive.

Step 6

Remove the Garmin maps GPS device from the computer. Attach NAVTEQ GPS device to the computer using a USB converter.

Copy the saved converted map file from the hard drive to the NAVTEQ GPS device. Copy the converted file from the computer hard drive and paste it into the GPS device folder. Save the changes. Remove the device from the computer.


  • Useful information and instructions can be found in the Garmin maps user manual.
  • Your new GPS device might not have all the updated data. Convert the files from the older one to the new device to get the full information needed.
  • Do not use file crack or numbers to the free downloaded Garmin maps to NAVTEQ convert. It is illegal.
  • You need to update the map files every five to seven days to get the full advantage of the devices. This update may be available from the manufacturer.


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