How to Convert FMP4 to AVI

by Contributor

FMP4 is a media file format that is used to store digital media. FMP4 files are created by the program FFMPEG. It may be desirable to switch an FMP4 file to an AVI format, because some programs may recognize one type of file, but not another. Switching a file between FMP4 and AVI is a simple process that can be done with the Any Video Converter freeware program.

Download and install Any Video Converter (see Resources).

Open Any Video Converter and select "File" and "Add Video Files."

Navigate to the FMP4 file to be converted to AVI and select it.

Select "AVI" from the drop-down profile menu in the right corner of the Any Video Converter main screen.

Click "Convert" at the top of the left corner of the Any Video Converter main screen. This will begin the conversion process.

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