How to Convert Flash Files to MP4 Files

By Tammy Clevenger

Any Video Converter
i Any Video Converter

The most common reason to convert Flash video files into an MP4 format is so the video clip may be played on a PDA or mobile phone. Flash file types include FLV and SWF. Flash files may be converted into MP4s for use on mobile devices. To convert a Flash video file into an MP4 file, a video conversion utility program is needed.

Download Any Video Converter, a free conversion program, to your desktop (see Additional Resources). To install, double-click on the icon and follow the on-screen prompts. Open the video file conversion utility program.

Click "File" and then click "Add File(s)." Navigate to the flash file (.flv or .swf) to convert. Select the file to add to the video converter user interface.

Select the file type of the output file. In this case, select MP4.

Select the output folder where the new file will be saved once converted.

Click "Convert" to convert and save the new MP4 file.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the output folder. Verify the MP4 file by playing in a video player application.