How to Convert Files to PDF in Windows Vista

By Kefa Olang

Let the Interent make PDF files for you.
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PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a document format developed by Adobe to distribute platform-independent documents. It includes text and images and in many cases hyperlinks. You can view PDF files using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can also convert files of other formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images to PDF and view them with all the original information. You can do this easily without installing third-party software on your Windows Vista computer.

Step 1

Go to a free PDF converter website such as or

Step 2

Click "Browse" and locate the file you want to convert to PDF format on your computer. Click "Open" to import it. You can import files of formats such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, webpage and images.

Step 3

Select "PDF" as the output format and select the image quality you want to use. Select the color format you want to use. You can select "RGB," for color, or gray-scale.

Step 4

Type your email address and click "Convert to PDF" or "Convert your file" depending on the online PDF converter that you are using. The online PDF converter converts your file to PDF format and sends you an email with the file as an attachment.

Step 5

Log into your email account and open the email from the online PDF converter. Click the PDF file and click "Download Attachment" or "Download" to launch the file-saving window.

Step 6

Select the target folder you want to save the converted PDF file to and type a name for your file. Click "Save" to download and save the PDF file to your Windows Vista computer.