How to Convert a File to MP4

By Stephen Lilley

MP4 files are a type of computer video file. It is a common video file format used by portable media players, including the Apple iPod and iPhone devices. If you have a video file you want to play on your portable media player, you will need to convert it from whatever format it is currently in to MP4. To do this, you cannot simply change the file extension--that will damage the file. Instead, you must use conversion software to convert the video file to the MP4 file.

Use Handbrake (see References). Handbrake is a program that is tailor-made for converting one type of video computer file to a different type without losing any audio or video information present in the original file. Open Handbrake and then drag your video file into the main program window. Click the "Output File Type" drop-down menu and select "MP4" from the list that appears. Click "Start" to convert your video file to MP4.

Use Any Video Converter (see References). Any Video Converter is a program that is similar in interface with the aforementioned Handbrake. Click "File" and then "Open" to open the video file you want to convert in the main Any Video Converter window. Specify that you want to convert your file into an MP4 video file and then click on the "Convert" button.

Use Format Factory (see References). Drag your video computer file into the main Format Factory program window. Then, click the "All to MP4" button on the left side of the window to tell the program you want to convert your video file to the MP4 file format. Once you have done this, click the "Start" button to convert your file based on the specifics you have just selected. Once this is done, a new MP4 file will be created on your hard drive.