How to Convert EXE to Flash

by Marina Martin
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If you’ve been working with Flash and have a Flash presentation (.exe) file saved, but are missing the .swf version, it may be possible to convert the .exe file back into its original .swf format for online distribution. If you need to make changes, you can then try to convert the .swf file back into a .fla file with a second piece of conversion software. While this reverse-engineering process works best with .exe files created in Adobe Flash, it’s possible to convert an .exe created in another Flash program as well.

Convert .exe to .swf

Step 1

Download and install .exe to .swf conversion software like Sparkle FlashKeeper 3.0, FardaSaz EXE to SWF 1, or exe2swf. (See Resources.)

Step 2

Launch the conversion software.

Step 3

For Sparkle FlashKeeper 3.0, Click "Convert" and select the "Save as swf" radio button at the top of the dialog box. Click on your .exe file on the left to highlight it, then click "Add One." Click "OK" and the .swf file will appear in the same directory as your .exe file.

Step 4

For FardaSaz EXE to SWF 1, Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your .exe file. Drag the file into the FardaSaz box. Your new .swf file will be saved in the same directory as your .exe file.

For exe2swf, click on the exe2swf.exe link and choose "Run." Navigate to your .exe file in the dialog box that appears, and double-click on it. Your new .swf will be saved automatically in the same directory.

Convert .swf to .fla

Step 1

Download and install a .swf to .fla conversion program. (See References.)

Step 2

Launch the application.

Step 3

Open your .swf file by going to "File," then "Open," and double-clicking the .swf filename.

Click "Export to FLA." Select the location where you want to save the .fla file, and click "Save."

Items you will need

  • Conversion software: .exe to .swf
  • Conversion software: .swf to .fla

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