How to Convert Excel to Word Labels

By Foye Robinson

Mail Merge enables you to convert Excel data into personalized labels.
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If you've created a database in Excel, you can use its contents to make Microsoft Word labels. The Mail Merge feature in Word enables you to convert Excel data into personalized mailings for each person on your mailing list. You can customize the labels--choosing size and other settings--for your specific needs and preview them before printing.

Create a new document in Word 2007.

Select "Mailings" and "Start Mail Merge" from the Ribbon. Choose "Labels" from the drop-down list. Pick your label settings in the "Label Options" dialog box, and then click "OK."

Choose "Select Recipients" and "Use Existing List" from the Ribbon. The "Select Data Source" dialog box will open. Navigate to the Excel file you want to use, and select it. Then click "Open."

Select the correct worksheet from the "Select Table" dialog box. If your Excel spreadsheet includes column headers, checkmark "First row of data contains column headers." Otherwise, deselect it. Then click "OK." A sheet of labels will load on your screen.

Select "Mailings" and "Edit Recipient List" from the Ribbon. You may choose the selected recipients or remove the ones you don't want to include. Click "OK."

Make sure your cursor is on the first label on your page. Then select "Mailings" and "Insert Merge Field" from the Ribbon. A list of fields from Excel will appear in the pop-up. Click the merge field you want to insert. It will be added to your label.

Customize the label by inserting a comma or pressing the "Enter" key or space bar after the merge field. Click "Mailings" and "Insert Merge Field" in the Ribbon to choose your next merge field. Repeat step until each merge field has been added.

Click on "Mailings" and "Update Labels" in the Ribbon to replicate the contents of the first label.

Click on "Mailings" and "Preview Results" in the Ribbon to view the labels from Excel.

Select "Mailings," "Finish & Merge" and "Edit Individual Documents" from the Ribbon to complete the merge. The "Merge to New Document" dialog box will open. Select "All" under "Merge records," and click "OK." The Excel labels will be added to your page.

Select the Office button, and click "Save." Name the labels in the "Save As" dialog box, and then click "Save."