How to Convert Excel to a Visio Organization Chart

By Tricia Goss

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One feature for which Excel is valued is its versatile data-entry function while Microsoft Visio is known for its powerful diagramming capabilities. Combine the two Office applications and you have the ability to create an impressive organization chart. You can enter titles and names of organization members into an Excel worksheet, then convert that data directly into a Visio org chart with just a couple of clicks.

Step 1

Create a table in Excel listing all of the names and titles you want to use in the organization chart. Enter the headings "Title," "Name" and "Reports To" in the first row of the worksheet. Enter each person's title, name and to whom they report. For the CEO or anyone else who does not report to anyone, leave that cell blank. Save the worksheet and close Excel.

Step 2

Open Visio. Go to the "File" menu or tab and select "New." Select "Business" as the template category and then click on "Organization Chart Wizard." The wizard will open.

Step 3

Select "Information That's Already Stored in a File or Database" and click "Next." Choose "A Text, Org Plus or Excel File" and click "Next" again. Click "Browse" and locate the Excel worksheet you created. Select this file and click "Next" to import it.

Step 4

Select the appropriate headings that correspond to those in your Excel worksheet, such as "Name" and "Reports To." Click "Next." Add the columns from which you want to display data in the organization chart and click "Next." Click "Next" again and then click "Finish." A basic organization chart will appear.

Step 5

Make changes to the organization chart as desired. Right-click a shape and select "Format" to fill it with color or change the line. Select text in a shape, right-click and select "Font" to change the font, size or color. Save the organization chart when you are finished.