How to Convert Excel to a PDF

by Joshua Laud

If you have been working on a Microsoft Excel workbook that you want to distribute to friends, family, colleagues or the general public, then you will want to convert it to a Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF is an non-editable file that preserves your data throughout distribution. Microsoft introduced the ability to save as PDF in Office 2010.


Click "Start," then type "Excel" and click the Excel link when it appears in the Start menu.


Press "Ctrl"+"O" and locate the Excel file you want to convert to PDF. Select it and click "Open."


Click the Office/File button on the ribbon and click "Save As."


Click the "File type" drop-down menu and select "PDF" from the list of options.


Enter a name for your PDF, then click "Save." Excel will convert your document to a PDF.

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