How to Convert a DWG File to a PDF File

by Dan Falk

By converting DWG files to PDG files, you gain the ability to share your drawings online. You also gain the ability to print your files without relying on Autocad. Your file will be converted, as a copy, from the Autocad file extension to the Adobe file extension.


Access the file that you want to convert in your Autocad program.


Choose the "Plot" option from the drop-down menu in "File." This will bring up the Plot Layout box.


Select the plotter field, which is going to be Adobe. If you do not have Adobe, you can download it for free by visiting the website listed below.


Select the "Plot" button. Keep pressing "OK" until you get to the save screen.


Choose a location on your computer to save the converted DWG file to. You may find that using the same folder as the DWG file is in will help you keep track of the converted document.


Open Adobe and select the PDF file to make sure that it converted correctly.


  • close If you use a conversion program instead of the method used above, make sure that you read the information about the program, as sometimes a conversion program will distort your drawings.


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