How to Convert a Video to a DVD to Play on a DVD Player

by Marshal M. Rosenthal

There are many different video formats, but a DVD can only be made when the video format that is being burned onto it is in a DVD-compatible video format. There are a number of DVD burning programs that can be used to convert a video file into the DVD-compatible format and burn it onto a DVD. These DVD burning programs are available for Mac and PCs. Their purpose is to convert and burn a video from the computer’s hard drive onto a DVD that can play on a standalone DVD player the same way as a commercial disc that is bought in a store.


Download and install a DVD burning program, like Toast Titanium 10 (not free) or the free "Burn" for the Mac, or the trial version of "DVD Ripper" or the free version of "Free DVD Ripper" for the PC (see the links in Resources), to the desktop of the computer.


Eject the disc tray of the DVD recordable drive. Put a blank recordable DVD onto the disc tray. Close the disc tray.


Run the DVD burning program. Click on the "Video" tab at the top or at the left side of the DVD burning program's main window. Select "DVD-Video" from the drop-down menu on the top or at the left of the DVD burning program's main window. Name the DVD that you are going to make from the video in the open column at the top that is either called "Name" or has the icon of a DVD by it.


Use the mouse to drag the video file that is to be converted into a DVD from its location on the computer's hard drive and into the icon of the DVD burning program--either on the desktop or in the dock at the left or at the bottom of the screen. Wait as the video loads into the DVD burning program. Click "Yes" if a window appears asking if the DVD burning program should convert the video file to a DVD-compatible format.


Click on the "Burn" button at the bottom of the DVD burning program's main window. Click "Burn" if a window pops up asking to confirm that you want to burn a DVD. Wait as the video is burned onto the blank recordable DVD in a DVD-compatible format.


Quit the DVD burning program when the burning is finished. Eject the DVD and put it into a DVD player. Play the DVD that was converted from a video on the computer.


  • check Choosing a slower "burn" speed than the maximum allowed by the DVD recordable drive will lessen the chance of a disc error occurring.


  • close Do not use inexpensive blank recordable DVDs, as they may fail to work within a few days.

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