How to Convert a DVD to MPEG With Freeware

by Quinten Plummer

With the vast array of DVD rippers and encoders available on the internet, you don't have to pay for software to convert your DVDs to MPEG files. Freeware programs, which are "purchase optional" software, allow you to convert your DVDs to MPEG files just as efficiently as many of the online pay programs.

Ripping the DVD

Download and install a copy of DVD Shrink from a trusted website (see Resources). Run the program after you've installed it. Insert your DVD disc into your computer's DVD/CD-ROM drive.

Click on the "Open Disc" button, located in the top right corner of the DVD Shrink interface. In the "Open Disc" menu, select the drive you inserted the DVD disc into (e.g. E:\[Disc one]).

Click the "Backup!" button in DVD Shrink's main menu. This will extract the media from the DVD and save it to your computer. In the "Backup!" menu, click on the browse button to choose a location to store the ripped DVD files.

Download and install a copy of SUPER. Open the program when the installation process has completed.

Open the folder containing the ripped DVD files--the .VOB folder containing the video. Drag and drop the VOB files into the gray field located near the bottom of the SUPER interface.

Press "CRTL + T" on your keyboard to open SUPER's "Output File Saving Management" menu. Browse for a location to save the converted files. Click "Save Changes" when you're done.

Click the "Encode (Active Files)" button at the bottom of SUPER's screen to begin the conversion process.

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