How to Convert DVD to Karaoke MPEG

by Mitchell White

The video format on a DVD is sometimes not compatible with video players on a computer. These players might play Karaoke videos in MPEG format. MPEG, or Moving Picture Experts Group, is a specific format often used in Karaoke videos. To change the files on a DVD so that it can be played as an MPEG file, a specific program capable of doing the conversion is needed. Fortunately, there are such programs available for free download online.

Download a conversion program by visiting the program's website and clicking on the download button for the converter. An example of a program like this would be Format Factory (See Resources)

Install the file by opening the installation icon on your desktop. Choose a directory for the program to go into, and then follow the installation instructions.

Close the installation screen when you're done, and the program should open. Otherwise you can click on the Format Factory shortcut on your desktop. Choose the "Romdevice/DVD/CD/ISO" tab.

Make sure your DVD is in the DVD tray and back in position in your computer. Click on the "DVD to Video File" button. Make sure "Mpg" is selected in the drop-down menu next to "Output setting." Also make sure where it says "DVD" that it is selecting the DVD you want to convert. There is a drop-down menu for if you have more than one DVD drive.

Click "Convert" to begin the conversion process. Your new karaoke video file will be in the "FFoutput" folder.

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