How to Convert DVD to AVI Online

by Arn Goldman
dvd image by vashistha pathak from Fotolia.com

Nearly all conventional DVDs use the DVD video object (VOB) file format for playback. VOBs contain both the video and audio content for the DVD joined within one file. After you've placed a VOB on your desktop, you may wish to convert it into an AVI to increase its compatibility. In order to complete this conversion, you can use an online conversion tool, which has the benefit of not requiring a program download and being entirely free.


Step 1

Go to mediaconverter.org. Click "upload a file," find your VOB file and hit the green arrow.

Step 2

Choose "avi" as your output format and click the arrow again.

Click "start" to commence the transfer and "download" to receive the AVI.


Step 1

Go to zamzar.com. Click "Browse" and select your VOB.

Step 2

Choose "avi" as your target format and enter your email.

Click "Convert" and open your email inbox. In a few minutes, you'll receive an email from Zamzar containing your AVI download link.


Step 1

Go to media-convert.com. Click "Browse" and pick out your VOB file.

Step 2

Choose "DVD Video Object (.vob)" as your input format and "Audio Video Interleave (.avi)" as your output format.

Click "OK" to convert the file and "Download" to receive your AVI.

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