How to Convert DVC to VHS or DVD

By Greyson Ferguson

Import footage from a DVC Pro tape
i video camera on a boom image by Aaron Kohr from

DVC Pro video tapes are professional grade video recording tapes used in high-end video cameras. The capture quality is far superior to miniDV, miniDVDs and hard drives found on most user-based video cameras. However, not many devices play DVC Pro tapes, so if you are looking to display your work for someone you may need to convert the DVC content to a VHS tape or DVD.

Import to VCR

Plug one side of the RCA audio/video cables into the "RCA Video Output" on the back of the DVC Pro tape deck. Insert the opposite side of the cables into the "Video Input" on the VCR.

Insert the DVC Pro tape into the DVC Pro tape deck. Place the blank VHS tape into the VCR.

Press "Play" on the DVC Pro tape deck, then push "Play" and "Record" on the VCR. The VCR now begins to record the data onto the blank VHS tape.

Push "Stop" on the VCR when you want to stop recording. You can now watch your DVC Pro content with the VHS tape.

Convert to DVD

Connect either a USB data cable or a firewire cable into the appropriate cable port on the back of the DVC Pro tape deck (both cable connections are available). Plug the opposite end of the cable into either USB data port or firewire port on your computer.

Launch the video editor on the computer (usually Windows Media Player).

Select the "Capture" option and choose the DVC Pro tape deck you have connected. Insert the DVC Pro tape into the tape deck and press "Play." Click "Record" in the video editor to capture the data. Click "Stop" in the video editor when you want to finish the recording process. A thumbnail of the video appears in the library of your video editor.

Click and drag the video file down into the timeline of the video editor, then click "File," "Save Video As." A save window appears. Title the video file, select a location to save it to, then choose a video format (such as .MPEG, .MOV or .WMV) and click "OK." This saves the video file as a digital video file.

Insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner and launch the DVD burning software. Choose "Video DVD" as the burning format, then click and drag the digital video file you have created into the main viewing area of the DVD burning program. Click "Burn" and the DVC Pro footage is placed onto the blank DVD.