How to Convert a DS2 File to DSS

By Amy Scott

The DS2 file format was developed by Olympus for use in digital voice recorders.
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The DS2 file format is an audio format used for recording and storing high-quality audio. This file format was developed by Olympus for use in its digital voice recorders. However, this file format is newer and not as widely used as the previous DSS file format, prompting users to want to convert the DS2 files to the DSS format. Do this by plugging the Olympus recording device into your computer and changing the file format of the audio files in the device's settings.

Step 1

Connect the digital voice recording device to your computer using either the USB connector cable that came with the device or a docking station.

Step 2

Wait until your computer recognizes the device and presents a pop-up notice to say that the device has been recognized.

Step 3

Click on the device's icon in the right side of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Select the "Device Settings" option from the pop-up menu.

Step 4

Click on the "Administration Settings" tab in the "Device Settings" window. Select the folder icon labeled "Recording."

Step 5

Use the drop-down menu to set the default file format to "DSS Classic" and click the "Apply" button.

Step 6

Click the "Update" button and select the "All Page" option to change the files to the DSS format.

Step 7

Click the "OK" button to close the "Device Settings" window and complete the DS2 to DSS file conversion process.