How to Convert DRM to MP4

By Monica Williams

There are video converters that can change a DRM protected file into a more accessible format.
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DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected WMV files are video files that have restrictive protection rights. However, there are video converters that will actually help you convert a DRM-protected file into a more accessible format such as MP4. Sites like (see Resources) have converters that are compatible with Windows 7/XP/Vista. These converters can be downloaded for a free trial, and will have you converting protected video files in just a few easy steps.

Visit a converter website such as to download the video converter.

Import a DRM-protected WMV file to be converted to an MP4.

Select your desired output format for the converted file.

You have the option of editing the video length if you desire. Click the

"Clip" icon to trim your video.

Click on "Convert" to start file conversion to MP4 format. You also have the option to transfer the converted file by clicking "Transfer" icon.