How to Convert DRG Files to MP3

By Amanda Kondolojy

Convert DRG Files to MP3
i Aculpulco007, Wikimedia: Public Domain

DRG files are those created by the iDoser Brainwave program, which was created to make soothing sounds that will allow those with insomnia to treat their condition without medication. Although these sounds are great to listen to on your computer, if you want to transfer them to an MP3 player, you may want to convert these files. Since the DRG file extention is specific to the iDoser program, you can't run it through a traditional formatting program, but there is a way to successfully convert these files.

Download the SBagen program. This is an open-source version of the brainwave software which creates the I-Doser's sounds. See the Resources section for a link to download this software.

Go to "My Computer" and click on your main hard drive.Go to the "Program Files" and then open the "iDoser" folder. Highlight the temp.xqp file and then copy and paste it onto your computer's Desktop.

Open the iDoser app and start playing the selection you want to convert. You may minimize the iDoser program. Once the selection has finished playing, open the Notepad program. Open the temp.xqp file on your desktop using Notepad. You will see many lines of code. This is the code for the current file playing in the iDoser app. Click the beginning of the first line of code and then hit the enter key twice. then type "-SE" at the beginning of the file. Then save the modified file using a ".sbg" extension. It doesn't matter what you name it, just as long as it contains the .sbg extension.

Right-click on the .file you just saved and select "Write to Wav" from the sub menu. A Wav version of the file will appear on your desktop. You may now delete the .sbg fie.

Use a conversion tool, such as Format Factory to change the Wav file into an MP3. See the Resources section for a link to the Format Factory tool.