How to Convert DOTX to DOCX

By Tammy Clevenger

The .dotx file type is the Microsoft Office Word 2007 or newer template file type, and the .docx file type is the Word 2007 document file type. Converting the .dotx file type to the .docx file type is as simple as saving the template file as a document in Microsoft Office Word 2007 or newer. Word template files are files that provide a predefined format for the document. Open the template file, make any changes necessary to the file and save the file as a Word document.

Right-click on the .dotx file and select "Open with..." and then "Microsoft Office Word" from the context menus. The file opens in Word.

Type any additional text and make any formatting changes necessary to save the template as a document.

Click the Microsoft Office button in the upper left corner of the window and select "Save As."

Click the "Save as File Type" drop-down box and select the "Microsoft Word (.docx)" option.

Type a name for the new document file in the "File Name" input file and click the "Save" button. The .dotx file is now converted to a .docx file.