How to Convert an Old DOS Program to a Windows-Based Program

by Andrew Mikael
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Though built on DOS technology, Windows will not run many older DOS-based programs, even in compatibility mode. Luckily, with the power of modern personal computers, a DOS emulator can perfectly recreate a DOS system and run any DOS program on a new version of Windows.

Step 1

Download DOSBox. DOSBox runs a DOS shell inside your Windows environment without installing a new operating system. Download the install file from the emulator's website, and save it to your hard drive.

Step 2

Install DOSBox. Double-click on the install file and follow the installation instructions to place the DOSBox program on your hard drive.

Step 3

Run DOSBox. DOSBox works just as a DOS system, and accepts typed input commands. Type a command and press “Enter” to execute the command.

Step 4

Insert the DOS program disc into your computer. If an autoplay window appears, close it.

Step 5

Type “mount d :\\ -t cdrom” without the quotes, and replacing with the letter label of your CD drive, and press “Enter” to run the disc.

Run the program. Manipulate the program using the keyboard. See the program's manual for specific control instructions.


  • DOSBox runs on Mac, Linux and other operating systems as well.

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