How to Convert a .DOCX to a .DOC

by Jacqui Lane

When you save a file in Word 2007 or later, the file is saved using the .DOCX file extension. Although newer versions of Word are capable of opening both .DOCX and .DOC files, versions older than 2007 cannot view files saved as .DOCX. When documents are being shared among multiple people, it's a good idea to convert them to the .DOC file format to ensure compatibility with older versions of Word. There are three simple ways to convert Word files.


Convert the DOCX file to DOC using Word. Open your .DOCX document, select the "Save As" option from the "File" menu and choose .DOC as the file type.


Convert the file using an online file conversion website like or (see Resources). Both sites allow you to upload a .DOCX file and convert it to a .DOC file for free. Zamzar emails you the converted file, while DOCX2DOC allows you to save it to your computer after conversion.


Download Batch DOCX to DOC Converter, a program that allows you to convert .DOCX files to .DOC files singly or in large batches (see Resources). The program is free for seven days, and you will be prompted to purchase the full version when the trial is over. Just select the .DOCX files, and click "Convert" to initiate the conversion process.


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