How to Convert Documents to PDF Format in Sharepoint

By Tara Duggan

i Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The Microsoft Sharepoint platform provides project teams with the capability of hosting documents to work on together. Converting Microsoft office documents into Portable Document Format (PDF) allows administrators to provide access to files for sharing and archiving. PDF files include text, fonts, graphics and hyperlinks. Create PDF versions of office documents such Word, Powerpoint or Excel files in Sharepoint folders by using Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1

Establish your strategy for converting documents in your Sharepoint folders to the PDF file format. Opportunities to collaborate also present risks. For example, users might change content either inadvertently or without proper authority.

Step 2

From your Microsoft Sharepoint folder, change the view from All Documents to Explorer view.

Step 3

Right-mouse click on a file name.

Step 4

Select the "Convert to Adobe PDF" option.

Step 5

Use the Manage Permissions function to allow access to the source file.

Step 6

Use the Manage Permissions function to allow access to the PDF file. It is not necessary to create separate Sharepoint folders.

Step 7

Instruct team members to use your PDF files, for example, in reviews. Your reviewers can read the documents, comment and return feedback without having access to the original source file.