How to Convert DMG to Zip

By Greyson Ferguson

i Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

DMG is a disk image format created in a Mac OS. The disk image contains all of the information relating to the contents on the disk (either CD or DVD). While the DMG file does not take up a large amount of room on your hard drive, if you are strapped for storage space on your Mac computer it is possible to compress the DMG file and zip it up to a smaller size.

Step 1

Locate the DMG file on your Mac. If you are not sure of the exact location of the file, open up "Finder" and type "DMG." The Finder displays all of the DMG files on your computer.

Step 2

Right-click (or Control-click) the DMG file to bring up the pull-down menu.

Step 3

Select "Compress" from the menu and a compressed (also referred to as zipped) file will be created in the same folder as the original DMG file.

Step 4

Delete the original DMG file to leave you with the zipped file. You can open the file up at any time by right-clicking (Control-click) the file and selecting "Extract."