How to Convert .Djvu to .Pdf

by Marina Martin

DjVu files are similar to PDF files in that they are primarily used for scanned documents and electronic books. However, the engineers behind DjVu developed their file compression technology in such a way that it can separate images (including background images from text), which means it can compress the textual content considerably without sacrificing the quality of the corresponding images. This results in DjVu files that are high in resolution but low in file size. Despite this advantage, DjVu files are not as ubiquitous as PDFs; if you want to share a DjVu file, chances are you’ll need to use a free conversion tool to switch it into PDF format.


Download and install Universal Document Converter at


Download and install the Internet Explorer DjVu Browser Plugin at www.caminova.


Launch Internet Explorer and open the DjVu file you wish to convert to a PDF.


Hit “Print.”


From the printer drop-down menu, choose “Universal Document Converter” and hit “Properties.”


Click the “Load Settings…” button on the left-hand menu.


Select the file called “Text Document to PDF” from the “UDC Profiles” folder (which should have opened automatically) and click “Open.”


Click “OK.” A progress bar will appear, and once your conversion is completed, your new PDF file should open automatically.


  • check Can’t find your newly created PDF? Check in “My Documents” -> “UDC Output Files.”

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