How to Convert a .DIM Disk Image to ISO Format

By Joshua Bailey

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Converting one image file to another is a simple process when using the right software. The advantage of converting one disk image file to another, like an ISO file, is mainly for compatibility. ISO files are much more compatible with modern computer systems. Mounting your current image file as a virtual drive will allow for easy access when converting and will make your disk image files useful again. Virtual drive software comes in both free and paid versions. The free version works perfectly with this process.

Step 1

Download and install virtual drive software if you do not have one already. There are many out there that will do the job. If you do not like either “Daemon Tools” or “Alcohol 52%,” you can go with any other virtual drive software you can find.

Step 2

Open your virtual drive software and an icon will be placed into your notification area. Click the icon and click “Device:0” to mount a disk image. Browse for your .DIM file and select it. Click “Open” to load it as a virtual drive.

Step 3

Download and install “ImgBurn” from the resource section. Open the software after it has been installed and click “Create image file from disc.” Click the “Source” dropdown menu and select your virtual drive from the list. Click the “Destination” icon and select a place to save the new ISO file. Click “Save” to verify the location.

Step 4

Click the green arrow to begin the conversion process and wait as the ISO is created. The amount of time it will take to convert the file depends on the original file size. Wait until you hear the ImgBurn chime and your ISO file will have been created.