How to Convert Digital Copy to DVD

By Will Conley

Converting digital video files to DVD is a great way to archive your existing collection or distribute a media product of your own.
i a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from

To convert a digital copy of a video file or multiple video files to DVD, you need a software program that can convert the copy or copies into an ISO image, save it to your hard drive and then burn the image to a DVD. In the case of DVD burning, an ISO image is a digital image composed of video data as well as other data, such as titles and chapters. Many programs exist for this purpose (See Resources).

Step 1

Download a program that is capable of converting a digital copy of a video to a DVD-burnable format (an ISO image) and then transferring it to a DVD (See Resources).

Step 2

Install and launch the video conversion/DVD burning program on your computer.

Step 3

Load the digital copy of the video or videos in the conversion program. To do so, go to the "File" menu and look for a menu item that reads "Add Video," "Import Video" or similar. Browse for the file you wish to add and click "Open." If you would like to open multiple video files for compilation into one movie, hold down "CTRL" and click the files.

Step 4

Select your burn options if the conversion/burn program allows you to do so. In most cases you should keep the settings at the default. Otherwise you can adjust the DVD storage size (4.3 GB is standard), the format (NTSC for the United States, PAL for Asia and Europe) and the quality (lower quality for more efficient use of space, higher quality for a larger picture.)

Step 5

Add titles and chapters to your DVD if you are compiling many video clips into one movie and if your conversion/burn program allows you to do so. Access this feature through a menu item or pane entitled "Titles and Chapters" or similar.

Step 6

Select the folder on your hard drive where you would like the ISO image to be temporarily stored prior to burning it to the DVD. Access this feature through a menu item entitled "Destination Folder" or similar. You may keep the ISO image files after conversion and burning if you wish to create more DVDs from them in the future, but be aware they take up space on your hard drive.

Step 7

Click "Burn," "Create" or similar.