How to Convert Dexis Files From DEX to JPEG

by Mitchell White

Dexis is a computer program designed to work with digital X-rays of teeth. Dexis X-ray files aren't in an image format that other programs can easily open. If you have some digital X-ray DEX files that you want to open and view in a simpler program, you'll need to convert into a more compatible format like JPEG. You can do this using built-in controls in Windows.

Step 1

Double-click on your Dex files to open them in your Dexis program.

Step 2

Press "Print Screen" on your keyboard, next to F12.

Click "Start" in Windows and select "Paint." Click "File" and select "Save." Type in a name in the textbox, and select "JPEG" as the format you want in the drop-down menu. Click "Save" to save as JPEG.


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