How to Convert 12 Volt DC to 18 Volt DC

By David Gitonga

A step-up converter requires only one IC with supporting circuitry to function.
i circuit cms image by serge simo from

In order to increase voltage from 12 to 18 volts using the same power source, you need a step-up converter. The circuit is easy to design, as it employs only one integrated circuit (IC), which has an oscillator and an op amp. The output is controlled using resistors, capacitors and diodes to provide a smooth 18-volt DC. Due to the switching on and off of the IC, a lot of heat is generated, requiring the use of many heat sinks for the different devices within the circuit.

Attach a heat sink to the IC before laying out anything on the board. It is easier to attach the heat sink while the unit is dismantled to ensure it fits properly.

Attach another heat sink to the Schottky diode.

Lay out the components on the board as shown using the diagram. (See the References section: Meade Portable 12v to 18v Converter.)

Attach a fuse to the input or the output of the inverter. When placed at the input, ensure it has a higher current rating.