How to Convert Data to Uppercase in Access

by Lysis

When running a Microsoft Access report, formatting the text in the Access query is quicker than formatting it using front-side code. Access allows you to return string results with all uppercase letters using the Design View for your tables. The character used in the format properties window is the ">" sign. This character tells Access to use uppercase for all the results in an indicated column.


Double-click the file that contains the table you want to edit. When Access opens, click the "Tables" button in the main window. This gives you a list of all the tables programmed in Access.


Right-click the table you want to edit and select "Design View." This opens the Design Viewer where you can make modifications to your table's format.


Click the table column that contains the information you want to return in uppercase lettering. When the properties are displayed, click the "General" tab.


Enter ">" into the property labeled "Format." Click the "Save" button to save your table changes. You are returned to the main Access menu.


Double-click the table to view the information and test your changes.

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