How to Convert CSV to a TomTom POI File

by Joshua Laud

TomTom Points of Interest (POI) files are stored in the OV2 file format. Other Global Positioning System (GPS) devices also use POI methods, though they store the data in other ways. Some GPS devices store the data, or can export the data, to Comma Separated Value (CSV) database files. CSV files store tabled or database data by separating values and figures with commas. If you have CSV files that you want to use with your TomTom GPS device, you need to first convert between the two formats.

CSV to OV2 Converter (Online)

Step 1

Go to the CSV to OV2 Converter using the link in Resources.

Step 2

Click "Choose File" and locate your CSV file for conversion. Double-click it to select.

Click "Start Conversion" and wait for the converter to convert your files. The TomTom POI file will automatically download, ready to be used with your TomTom GPS software.

POIConverter (Freeware)

Step 1

Download the POIConverter from the website (see Resources).

Step 2

Double-click the downloaded archive to open the folder, and then double-click POIConverter_setup.exe to begin the setup.

Step 3

Click "Start," "All Programs" and then double-click the program title to launch the application.

Step 4

Click the folder icon, and then locate your CSV file for conversion. Double-click the file to open it within the program. Click "T" to enable a TomTom conversion.

Click the floppy disc icon, and designate a location and a file name. Click the "File Type" drop-down menu and select "TomTom overlays OV2" from the list. Click "Save" to finish the conversion.

POI Converter (Online)

Step 1

Go to the POI Converter website using the link in Resources.

Step 2

Click "Choose File," and then locate your file for conversion. Double-click it to begin the upload.

Click "Convert to OV2" to begin the conversion. Once the conversion has been finished, the file will prompt you for a download location. Then you will be able to import the OV2 to TomTom to use as a POI file.


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