How to Convert CR2 to RAW

By Keith Manning

.RAW images is a photo image format that saves the picture in an essentially "raw" format. This means no changes have been made that are available in the camera settings, such as lighting adjustments or the white balance. This gives you more control over the quality of your image once printed or saved in the digital format. The Canon digital SLR cameras automatically save images in the CR2 format. Converting .CR2 to the .RAW image format requires settings adjustments available on the camera.

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button at the top of the Canon camera to open the "Menu" display.

Step 2

Locate the "Quick Control" knob to the right of the LCD monitor. Turn it until it's set to "Quality."

Step 3

Press the "Set" button in the middle of the "Quick Control" knob. Locate the "Jump" button to the left of the LCD monitor. Press the "Jump" button.

Step 4

Turn the "Quick Control" knob and select "RAW." Press the "Set" button to apply the "RAW" setting. Press the "Menu" button to close the "Menu" display. Your CR2 images are now converted to RAW images.