How to Convert Coaxial to S-Video

By R.L. Cultrona

i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Video can be delivered to a television in many different ways. Depending on what inputs your television has and how old the television set is, you may have to perform a video conversion in order to get the video to display correctly on the television. If you have video coming in from coaxial, a radio-frequency type of cable, but the only input you have is S-video, a video-only cable, you will have to run the video through some sort of converter box.

Step 1

Plug the coaxial video input cable into the "Video In" coaxial port on the VCR or cable box. Most likely this is coming from the wall as a cable TV input. A coaxial cable will need to be put into the port and screwed into place.

Step 2

Plug one end of the S-video cable into the S-video "Video Out" output on the VCR or cable box. Plug the other end into the television's S-video input.

Step 3

Turn on the cable box or VCR. Turn on the television and set it to the correct video input display. Read your television's instruction manual to learn how to get your television to display the S-video input. The video should display on the television.