How to Convert a Coaxial Cable to a DVI-D

By Greyson Ferguson

Coaxial Cable
i coaxial cable connection image by Michael Shake from

A coaxial cable is a standard audio/video connection cable that is found on most televisions, DVD players and other devices. A DVI-D is a digital video cable connection used with computers to connect monitors. If you want to display content from a television with only a coaxial cable connection on a monitor, you need to use a series of adapter to achieve the conversion of coaxial cable to DVI-D (a direct coaxial cable to DVI-D adapter does not exist).

Step 1

Connect the coaxial cable into the "Out" port on the TV. Plug the other end of the coaxial cable into the coaxial cable port of the coaxial to RCA adapter.

Step 2

Plug a yellow RCA cable into the RCA end of the coaxial to RCA adapter. Connect the other end into the RCA to DVI-D adapter.

Step 3

Attach your DVI-D cable to the DVI port on the adapter. Connect the other end to the DVI-D port on the back of the computer monitor. Tighten the screws on the side of the cable to ensure a secure connection.

Step 4

Power on the TV and the monitor. You can now see the content from the television on the DVI-D monitor.