How to Convert Cell Phone Video to WMV

by Contributor

Cell phone videos usually come over as 3GP or MPEG-4 files, depending on your phone. They can usually be played on most computers, but if try to play 3GP files through Windows Media Player, a Windows-specific media player, you may have some difficulty. To make the transition easier, you can easily convert cell phone videos into WMV files with the use of a third-party conversion tool.

Upload your cell phone video file onto your computer.

Check the file extension to see what kind of file you have. Based on this, you will know what kind of conversion tool you will need. If unsure, see the Resources below for an online media converter.

Add your file into the program or media conversion website. Select your original file type as 3GP, or whatever other file extension your cell phone may export.

Select WMV as the output format.

Hit the "Convert" button. If using a third-party conversion application, also indicate a folder where you wish to save your file.

Wait for the conversion to end. You should have a new file available for download, if using a media converter website, or in your folder, if using an application.

Items you will need