How to Convert CD to DVD

By Raul Avenir

Convert CD to DVD to enjoy watching your favorite movies.
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A compact disc, or CD, is an optical disc that is used to record digital data. A CD can hold up to 80 minutes of uncompressed audio (700MB of data). A DVD, or digital video disc, is similar to a CD, but can store around seven times as much data. The DVD has superseded the CD in terms of use, but you can learn how to convert your CDs into DVDs and still enjoy watching your favorite movies.

Copy the CD to your computer. Insert the CD into the CD/DVD - ROM drive. Go to your "Start" menu and click on "My computer." Right click on the CD/DVD - ROM drive and click "Copy" in the pop-up menu. Right click on your desktop to display a new drop-down menu and click "Paste"

Download and install a video converter software. Open your favorite search engine and browse for a video converter software such as AVS Video Converter (see Resources). Open the website, download the software, and follow the onscreen prompts to proceed with its installation. Click on "Finish" to complete the installation and close the installation program.

Open the video converter program. Click on its desktop shortcut or click the "Start" menu and click "All Programs" to locate and open the software. On the software interface, click the "Browse" button beside "Input File Name" to get the file that you wish to convert. Locate the CD file on your computer's desktop, and double click on it to include it in the list of files for conversion.

Click "Browse" alongside "Output File Name" to open the "Browse for Folder" window and select the location where you wish to place the resulting DVD file. Click "OK" to close the window.

Click "To DVD" on the top menu bar at the main panel of the video converter software interface to choose the type of output file. Click "Convert Now!" to start the conversion process.

Burn the resulting DVD onto a disc. Insert a blank DVD into your computer optical disc drive and click the "Start burning" button to start the process. The disc will automatically eject as soon as the burning process is completed. Label the disc and insert it into your DVD player to view its content.