How to Convert a Brother MFC to Bluetooth

by Marissa Robert
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Many of Brother's MFC line of new printers come with Bluetooth wireless technology built in. With the proper drivers and a Bluetooth-enabled computer, it is easy to print to these printers. If you have an older member of Brother's MFC family, set it up to print using a Bluetooth connection as well. Bluetooth printer adapters permit you to convert older printers with serial or USB printer ports into printers you can access over your wireless Bluetooth connection.

Step 1

Plug your Bluetooth printer adapter into either the serial port or the USB port on your Brother MFC printer, then turn the printer on.

Step 2

Launch your favorite Bluetooth manager on your computer; pair your computer with the Brother MFC printer. This process may vary depending on the Bluetooth managing software you use and your computer operating system.

Step 3

Download the appropriate drivers for your model of MFC and operating system. If you have an installation CD from Brother, skip this step and go to Step 4. Choose which MFC printer model you need the drivers for, then click the "View" button. Click on the "Online Solutions Center" option from the list that comes up on the bottom, and click on your operating system from the list on the left. Then choose your language and hit the "Search" button. Click on the download link. The default file for your downloads varies depending on which operating system you use. In Windows, change the file for your download to your desktop to make it easier to find and install.

Install the driver on your computer. This process varies depending on whether you have a Windows, Mac or Linux machine. On a Windows machine, click on the "Start" menu and open the "Control Panel" by clicking on it. Click on the "Hardware and Sound" icon and choose "Printers." Right-click on the Brother MFC printer, click on the option to "Run as Administrator" and choose "Properties." You may have to enter a password to access this menu. Click on the "Advanced" tab and press the "New Driver" button. Click on the option to use the CD, or choose your own file. Insert your CD into the CD-ROM if you have one. Navigate to the MFC printer driver you downloaded onto your desktop or the CD included with your printer. Follow the instructions to finish the wizard and allow the driver to install.


  • Some brands of Bluetooth printer adapters do not work with some computer operating systems. Make sure your printer adapter supports your operating system before you purchase it.

Items you will need

  • Bluetooth printer adapter
  • Bluetooth-enabled computer
  • Brother MFC printer drivers

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