How to Convert Blue Ray to Regular DVD

by Adam Cloe Ph.D./M.D.

Blu-ray discs are devices that are able to store large quantities of data. These can be especially good for storing movies. However, Blu-ray discs can be expensive and difficult to back up. While most Blu-ray discs are not able to be immediately transferred onto DVDs, these files can be compressed and converted. As a result, the files will be small enough and properly formatted to be burned to a DVD, which can be played or used as backup for the files.

Rip the Blu-ray to your hard drive. This can be done using the anydvdhd program, which, when you load a Blu-ray disc, will provide a button for ripping the disc to your hard drive. This will allow the subsequent steps to be faster.

Run TsRemux and load the Blu-ray files (you can do this even without ripping them to your hard drive). Choose which video and audio feeds you want--in general, you can pick just one of each--as well as any subtitles you would like. Hit the "Remux" button, where it will create a newer, simplified file of the Blu-ray disc's information containing only the video and audio feeds you have selected

Split this file into several files using HDBDSplitGUI. Open up the simplified file you created and select the size you would like to split them into (4,400 MB will work well for standard DVD-Rs) and then select the destination folder. Then click the "split" button.

Reconvert the files to the Blu-ray format. You will need to open each of the split files using TsRemux again, and this time select "Blu-ray" as the output format (this option is on the right). Hit Remux.

Burn these files to DVD using Nero or any other DVD-burning software.

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