How to Convert Banana Plug to RCA Jack

by Katherine Johnson
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Banana plugs provide an easy and convenient way to plug your speakers directly into your home audio equipment using speaker wire and a simple plug. Some older or less expensive systems may not accept banana plugs or speaker wire directly. These systems often use RCA connectors that will require an additional adapter to connect with your banana plugs. A simple banana plug to RCA adapter will easily connect to this type of amplifier, stereo or home theater system.

Step 1

Cut the speaker wire to your desired length.

Step 2

Pull the speaker wire apart to separate each side into two-inch sections.

Step 3

Remove 1/2 inch of the insulation from each wire using the wire strippers.

Step 4

Place each stripped speaker wire into the back of the banana plug and wrap the wire in a clockwise manner until it is secure.

Step 5

Plug the banana plug into the RCA adapter.

Plug both of the red and white audio cables into the other side of the RCA adapter.

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