How to Convert AVI to Windows Media Player

by Arn Goldman

The AVI (Audio Video Interleave) video format is a high-quality file type created by Microsoft. While AVI's typically are less compressed and take up more space than MOV and MPEG files, they also contain higher quality video resolution and sound. The WMV (Windows Media Video) file format is the proprietary video playback file for Microsoft's Windows Media Player. While up-to-date versions of Windows Media Player can handle AVI playback, you may wish to convert your AVI files to WMV files in order to reduce the hard drive space the files take up.


Direct your web browser, such Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Apple's Safari, to a file conversion website. Media-convert is one such site that allows its users to convert many file types, including a vast array of video file formats; luckily, AVI and WMV happen to be two of the supported video formats. There's a link to media-convert in the Resources section.


Click on the gray "Choose File" button in the top left corner of the page. In the pop-up menu that appears, select AVI as the video file you wish to convert out of. Media-convert allows for more than 20 video file formats to be converted, including MOV, MPG and FLV. Press enter to make your choice.


Select AVI as the "Input format" type for the video file you want to upload. The menu for this can be found directly to the right of the "Choose File" button. Media-convert should automatically detect that you've uploaded an AVI file, but reselect the file type from the menu anyway to make sure.


Choose either "PC" or "MAC" as your video output format in the drop-down window which is located on the left side of the page. To its right, select "WMV" as your output format from the next drop-down menu. Click the "Go" button on the right side of the page once you've chosen your output preferences. The conversion bar will begin to fill up as the file changes into a WMV. After the conversion process has completed, the WMV file will appear on your desktop.

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