How to Convert Avi to Mov

by John Rapp

If you're having trouble converting AVI video files into the Quicktime MOV file format, you are not alone. There's a few ways around this problem, and one of them is to simply convert your AVI video files into the Quicktime MOV file format. The good news is there is a free program that will do this for you.

Download and install the Oxelon Media Converter and the accompanying Oxelon Media Plugins. These are both free. Check the Resources section in this article for links to the sites.

Open the Oxelon Media Converter program. At the top of the screen you will see the Conversion Options. These options control what format your video will be converted to. Choose the MOV (.mov) selection as your media format.

Select a video codec. There are a few options, but usually you will want to select either Quicktime MPEG4, Quicktime H264 or the Quicktime SVQ1 Sorenson Video. Feel free to play with all the different options to see which you like the best.

Select an audio codec. AAC or MP3 are usually good choices for most situations, but again, there are many options to choose from.

Select the width and height, frame rate and bitrate for your converted video. Also select the sampling rate, bitrate and channels you would like to apply to the converted video. Note that you can select "Default" for most of these options if you do not have a preference or simply do not want to mess with all the options.

Click on "Add Files" and choose which AVI files you would like to convert and click "Open." To select multiple files, press and hold the "Shift" key on your keyboard and use the up and down arrow keys.

Select where you want to save the converted video files by clicking "Browse" near the middle of the Oxelon Media Converter program screen. This tells the program where to save the MOV files after they have been converted. Click "OK."

Click the "Conversion" button on the bottom of the screen. Now all you have to do is wait for the program to process your AVI files and convert them into MOV files.


  • check Once you have installed the Oxelon Media Converter and Plugins, you can also simply select your AVI video files, right-click on them and use the Oxelon Media Converter shell extension to easily convert to any of the supported formats.

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