How to Convert an AVI to Full Screen

by Theodora Pennypacker

AVI is a widely distributed digital video format. To expand an AVI file's viewing dimension to full-screen size, users can import the media into a video conversion application. While video conversion applications are capable of transcoding files into different formats, they can also be used to make modifications to a video and generate a version of the file in the original format. When it comes to modifying videos, video conversion applications all employ the same basic workflow and user interface. But before a user can expand an AVI file's viewing dimensions to full-screen size, they should first determine the resolution of their screen. Screen resolution is essentially a measurement of how many pixels are displayed on a system's monitor.

Determine the resolution of your computer screen. If using Windows, go to the "Control Panel," select "Display" and click the "Settings" tab. Record the dimensions listed in the "Screen Resolution" section. If using Mac OS X, go to "System Preferences," select "Displays" and click the "Display" tab. Record the dimensions of the highlighted option in the "Resolutions" menu.

Download and install a video conversion application. Choose software that meets your system requirements.

Launch the video conversion application and import the AVI input file into the program.

Go to the application's advanced settings programming menu. Program the frame size of the AVI output file to the same dimensions as your screen resolution. Increase the video and audio bitrates to the maximum option that is offered by the application.

Target a saving location for the AVI output file.

Start the video conversion. A confirmation message will appear when the AVI output file has been successfully generated. Retrieve the media from its saved location.


  • check iWisoft Free Video Converter, Any Video Converter and Media Converter SA Edition are all free video conversion applications that can be used to generate a full-screen AVI file.
  • check AVI files can be opened and streamed with a media player application. Media players that support playback for AVI files include Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Windows Media Player. Both applications are native to Mac and PC systems respectively.
  • check As an alternative to generating an AVI output file with full-screen dimensions, users can stream a regular AVI file in a media player and activate the full-screen viewing option.


  • close When expanding an input file's viewing dimensions, it is essential to increase the audio and video bitrates. Bitrate is a measure of data transfer and higher bitrates lead to better playback quality.

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