How to Convert AUP to WAV

by Greyson Ferguson
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An AUP file is an audio project created by the Audacity software program. The program, which may be downloaded for free, imports audio onto your computer from outside sources, such as connected tape decks, CD players and microphones. When you are finished with the AUP file, you may save it as an audio WAV file. This is the default export file format created by Audacity.

Step 1

Open Audacity, then click "File," "Open" and select the AUP file you wish to convert. The AUP file loads, displaying its audio wave on the display potion of the program.

Step 2

Click "File," "Export Portion as WAV." A WAV export window appears on the screen.

Title the document and choose a location to which to save the file. Click "Save" and the AUP file converts to WAV.


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